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Vegan Leather

Really? A page about vegan leather? The planet is going to hell in a handbasket, and you’re lecturing me about the veganity of my leather?

Don’t you millenials have anything better to do?

Well, actually...

The planet is going to hell in a handbasket. We’re glad you noticed.

We’ve been dumping greenhouse gases into our atmosphere and oceans since the Model T was just a glimmer in Henry Ford’s eye, running quite possibly the dumbest experiment imaginable on a planetary scale.

You probably know this much. What you might not know is that our planet’s biggest source of greenhouse gases is animal agriculture, which is just a fancy way of saying all the cows we keep in various pens around the world for dairy, meat, and - you guessed it - leather.

Leather seems so harmless, right? Who really cares if a couple of cows get slaughtered every now and then so we can have cute keychains? Well, the UN reported in 2006 that animal agriculture was producing more greenhouse gases than all forms of transportation combined, and Bill Gates noted in a more recent 2013 analysis that livestock produces nearly 51% of the world’s greenhouse gases.

We’re faced today with the opportunity to do things a better way, and we’re going to take it.

And if you think that raising the Earth’s temperature a couple degrees might not be that bad since Elon Musk is going to take us all to Mars anyway, and Elon Musk is always right…

We’d feel compelled to point out that Tesla went vegan too.

And we're not even done.

Think about how far we’ve come in the last hundred years with civil rights, gender equality, and every other social issue you might care to name.

Now put on your Nostradamus hat and think about what the world might look like a hundred years from now. Which of today’s norms are our children and grandchildren going to look back on through the same horrified lens with which we view the institutions of our past?

Our bet is on the way we treat farmland animals.

We’re at a point as a society where we can no longer pretend to be ignorant about the magnitude of suffering caused by factory farms, but we still scoff at the vegan option on menus because hey, Real Men eat meat.

And we think this is the kind of dissonance people in the future will point to and say, “They knew. They knew what was happening and they let it keep happening.”

So yes. On the list of better things millenials have to do we think worrying about vegan leather ranks pretty damn high.

But we’re optimistic that the rest of the world isn’t too far behind in recognizing that seemingly small decisions can have an outsized impact on the world we end up leaving behind someday.

And that subverting gender norms is the manliest act of all.

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