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Like so many journeys, it started with a question.

What do you mean there are no womens' bags built for both work and play?

"I mean exactly that," she said, poking at her pastry with a fork. "And there's an entire department store's worth of bags around us."

He glanced around. The shelves were stacked with totes, satchels, and clutches of every imaginable description. One of the bags was shaped like a parrot.

"What am I missing? If you could design a bag that was perfect for you, what would you do?"

She tapped the saucer lightly. "Well..."

I'd want to feel comfortable bringing it into the office in the morning, but also out to dinner or drinks in the evening.

"And you can't do that with bags today?"

She shook her head. "Not anything I've seen. They're all either too structured or too slouchy."

"My ideal bag would be somewhere in the middle."

"You sound like Goldilocks looking for baby bear's bag. And you'd put your computer in it?"

"Yes! That's kind of the tough part."

"It'd have to be just big enough for a laptop, maybe with a pouch to put my keys and makeup and things in."

"That doesn't sound unreasonable," he said, scribbling on a napkin.

"Right? And it would have to be affordable, of course. You wouldn't believe how much these things cost,"

"Maybe we should make it. Do you think we could design a bag?"

"Yeah, I think we could design a bag."

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