About Us

Can we be real with you?

We could have filled this space with a story about how Leigh & Taylor arose from a lifelong obsession with solving problems in fashion.

About how we spent 6 months in Mongolia learning from the secretive guardians of a revolutionary material with design properties previously spoken of only in whispers.

About how we’re going to change the way you think about bags after the ghost of Steve Jobs came to us in a dream, how carrying Leigh & Taylor will bring you a fulfilling career, success in your romantic endeavors, and restore your receding hairline.

Your friends and family will give you the adoration you deserve. Your exes will text you at three in the morning to tell you they never deserved you and you were the best thing that ever happened to them (and they’ll be right).

Universal healthcare will pass in both houses of congress. Dogs will flock to you.

But that would only be half true.

What is true is we use bags. A lot. We’re constantly on the go, and we noticed a few problems with the bags we were carrying.

So we built a better bag.


Too many of the women we know have accumulated a small wardrobe under their desks because having it all these days means being professional at work and social after it, with the accessories, bags, and shoes to match. Our pieces are designed to make you feel at home - whether you’re in the boardroom showing clients twice your age How It’s Done, or at happy hour with a handcrafted cocktail or six.


Cows are pretty cute. And even if they weren’t, we would still think it was a shame that they get slaughtered in the millions just so we can carry our expensive computers around in a sleeve that feels kind of nice, even though we have the technology to build something virtually identical without the stench of dead animal following us everywhere we go.

It’s 2018. We care about the environment.

About Vegan Leather


And finally, we’ve come across a few options that came close to solving the problems we cared about, but at price tags that we found frankly unnecessary and borderline insulting.

We keep things lightweight here at Leigh & Taylor - an approach that turns out is great not just for the planet, but your sanity and your wallet.

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