The Charleigh


The Details

15.5" length, 11" height, 4" width. That's a 15" MacBook or 5 copies of the hardcover Lean In side-by-side with room to spare.

Two ways to carry: the 1" handle drop (which lays flat when not in use) and the 15" shoulder drop, which is adjustable by up to 2".

The Charleigh zippers all the way shut, and features three interior pockets, of which one perfectly fits a phone, one perfectly fits a passport, and one is large enough to be generally useful.

Best of all? She comes with a 13" by 9" pouch for those times you need to travel just a little bit lighter.

The Materials

The Charleigh's body is made of 100% quality vegan leather. Don't wash her! Instead, use a soft wet wipe when cleaning is necessary.

Why vegan leather?


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